Hello! My name is Edoardo, I welcome you to my personal website, you are free to wander through the pages, you will find pages on different topics, open the one that most intrigues you and have fun! If you want to know something more about me, keep reading!
Class 1996, since I was born I have always been a “handy guy”, one that never stands still and does a bit ‘of everything. Over the years I have cultivated a lot of passions with a predominance for the “artistic” ones, already when I was two years old I enjoyed drawing and building objects made of paper and cardboard, using rolls and rolls of adhesive tape, then growing up I passed to more interesting materials, I started during the elementary schools to work with plywood, building models of towers and castles, then towards the middle school I went to build replicas of film objects and videogames made out of fiberglass, papier-mache and some plastic materials and finally coming to work on metal .
Towards the end of high school I got passionate about knives and experiment after experiment I learned to build a knife from scratch starting from raw materials, the passion grew quickly and after school I decided to try to turn this passion into a job, so piece by piece I started to build my own small workshop in the house and within a year I learned to work with different machines: belt sanders, press drills, polishers, sandblasters, tempering furnaces, tumblers etc.

After a while, however, feeling limited by the manual processes alone, I decided to buy a manual milling machine and turn it into a numerical control machine; so armed with ball screws, inductive sensors, transformers, power supplies, drivers, stepper motors and joining the knowledge accumulated over the years in electronics, mechanics and informatic after 6-7 months I completed the conversion. Obviously in order to work with a CNC it was necessary to learn how to model in 3D on cad software like Rhinoceros or Fusion 360 and how to make toolpaths on CAM programs, so I started studying and thanks to many video tutorials on YouTube and a Dear friend who teached me I managed after almost a year of study to make my first knife with most of the work done with the milling machine that I had built.
Unfortunately, the business never kick-started and after a few last month very hard I decided to look for a job as an employee. Fortunately, the knowledge I had acquired allowed me to quickly find my current job as a 3D designer and CNC programmer.

So the mechanics and modeling are my daily bread and lately in the hours of free time I’m keen on modeling environments
and characters in 3D and I’m studying the open source software Blender, with the aim of one day making an animated short film …
But the road is long and tortuous, you have to learn how to model characters and environments, to manage lights and textures and finally to animate everything … I will continue to study and keep you updated with my results …
Stay tuned!