Those knives are small and lightweight designed to be carried with a neck sheat like a necklace, they offer the option to carry a conceal knife even when you wear only T-shirt and shorts.

Tiny Monster Tris

“Tiny Monster Tris” Those three knives are made with stainless steel N690co 4mm thick, the black one has a dark stonewash finish, handle in black Noble Raffir resin, with inclusion of bronze and brass, the green one has the same dark stonewash finish and the handle is made with green raffir resin with real seaweeds inclusions, the last knife the red one has a light stonewash finish with a red Raffir resin handle with aluminium inclusions. All the knives have micro carbon fiber tubes pins and the scales are hold in place with UHU 300 Endfest epoxy. The Stonewash finish has the advantage to remain practically unchanged by use, the natural stratches that would appear with use blend with the finish. Total Lenght 110mm. Blade Lenght 50mm. Kydex neck sheat. Proudly Made in Italy

Tiny Monster Deluxe

“Tiny Monster Deluxe” N690co 4mm thick steel blade satin sides mirrow polish bevels, desert ironwood handle, brass tubes pins. Total lenght 110 mm blade lenght 50mm. Kydex Sheat. Proudly Handmade in Italy

The Pointer

Super lightweight knife only 40 grams and with the sheat only 60 grams, N690co steel blades, medium satin sides fine satin bevels, kydex sheat.  Measures: 5cm (2″) blade, 10cm (4″)  total lenght. Proudly Handmade in Italy.

Group photos: Tiny Monster, Kiridashi Sting, Pattadese Futura

Tiny Monster:1095 steel blade differential hardening, acid finish, carbon fiber handle.
Kiridashi Sting 1095 steel blade, satin sides, mirrow polish bevel, ray skin and paracord wrap handle.
Pattadese Futura (not a neck knife): 1095 steel blade, mirrow polish, carbon fiber handle with nickelsilver pins.
Proudly Handmade in Italy