As may of you know i couple years ago i became passionate about building knives from raw materials, i watched a lot of YouTube video and I started learning step by step how to create a knife completely from scratch. Then my passion evolved and I tried to transform it into a job, I spent a great amount of money in machines and tools to improve my works but going further and further the investments necessary were too big and i simply couldn’t afford it. So I applied for a job and I kept the knifemaking as a hobby.
In the section above, under the “Knives” page you can browse through an archive of the works that make you most proud.
My knives are divided through:

  • Custom knives: fixed blade knives that have my personal design
  • Classic knives: fixed blade knives with a classic design inspired by the Bob Loveless knives
  • Folder knives : knives that can be opened and closed into the handle with my personal design
  • Neck knives: small and lightweight knives with the purpose to be carried on the neck like a necklace this too with my personal design

Here down below a selection of some of my knives from all these categories.

P.S. The knives showed on my website are no longer for sale.