As many of you readers may know around summer 2015 I became passionate about building knives from raw materials.
I watched a lot of YouTube video and I started learning step by step how to create a knife completely from scratch. Then my passion evolved and I tried to transform it into a job, I spent a great amount of time and money in “tooling up” my shop so I could improve the quality of my works.
But going further and further the investments necessary were too big and I simply couldn’t afford it anymore. So I applied for a job and I kept the knifemaking as an hobby.
In the menu above, under the “Knives” page you can browse through an archive of the works that made me most proud.
My knives are divided through:

  • Custom knives: fixed blade knives that have my personal design.
  • Classic knives: fixed blade knives with a classic design inspired by the Bob Loveless knives.
  • Folder knives : knives that can be opened and closed into the handle.
  • Neck knives: small and lightweight knives with the purpose to be carried on the neck like a necklace.

Here’s a selection of some of my knives from all these categories.

P.S. The knives showed on my website are no longer for sale.