More upgrades on the BF20 CNC!

CNC, Other Projects

It passed quite some time from the day I upgraded the spindle of my cnc.The day I installed the brushless motor with about the double of the original RPM I already knew that the original ball bearings wouldn’t last so much. Well some months ago those ball bearings finally “gave up”.I heard some bad noises […]

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We all need to help out a little bit.

3D Printing, Fusion 360, Modelling, Other Projects

Hello everyone.The quarantine brought by the need to contain by Covid-19 gave me some extra time to spend on my hobbies. In this tough time, as a designer, I though that I could help a little bit drawing something useful for the community. In many public workplaces you have to wear masks to protect yourself […]

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Simply red.


Well, for a long time I’ve had an half made knife hanging on a nail on the wall of my lab.The basic shape was already there and the knife was even heat treated so one day I thought it was enough, and I simply decided to finally give “birth” to this forgotten knife. I needed […]

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Sometimes they come back….

Fusion 360, Knives

Some months ago I decided to built a knife for one of my friends that makes watch straps as a hobby. It was a little challenge because it was about two years that I hadn’t made a knife, anyway I’ve always been active in my lab so I tought it could be fun to go […]

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New Website!


Hello everyone! Big news! I finally decided to upgrade my website! The old webside wasn’t very flexible, it was designed with a website building programi so if I wanted to write an article or just let you be updated i needed to do it from my PC and really the template wasn’t suited to be […]

November 26, 2018