New Goal: Learn Blender!

3D, 3D Modelling, blender, Renders / Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Good Evening everyone, I write this post to update you on my new actual goal: i need to learn Blender!
For who doesn’t know this program, Blender is a free software designed to model in a 3d environment, sculpt, render, and then even animate! 
It’s a very “big” software and it can do a lot of stuff that i haven’t mentioned.
This polygonal modeling software was very different from the 3d cad software I used in the previous years it had a completely different approach on the way to model object: you had to start from a similar polygon and then with cuts, extrusion etc you would obtain the final shape.
The first impression wasn’t very good because the Interface was a bit scary, full of controls and buttons, but then helped by some tutorial on YouYube (especially BlenderGuru) I managed to start understanding how it worked.

The first tutorial i followed was about modeling, texturing and rendering a cup and a donut. Those two simply looking things involved a lot of modeling challenges but finally helped by the tutorial I achieved a quite pleasing render. 

Now as you can see from the main image i’m working on an anvil!
I’m following another tutorial series from the same guy and i’m sure i’m gonna learn a lot of new things.

So stay tuned for further updates! Good night!

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