It’s been a year and half…

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Well yes, it’s almost passed a year and half since I finished my latest custom knife.
The time flew away very quickly and every time I think about that part of my life a small nostalgic smile appears on my face.

I remember when I drew the first sketch of my knife on a piece of scrap paper.
The very one you can see down here.
I was searching for a minimal and elemental shape, so I started drawing circles, the most elemental shape I could think of.

The original drawing

Circles like the Earth, like a drop of rain falling through the sky, circles like the rocks of a river rounded off by the water.
The same rocks that were used by the first men to built the first and most useful tool the mankind ever made: the knife.
Everything started from there. So had to be my research for the true minimal essence of the knife.
As the pen was speeding on paper the circles became more and more stretched and aggressive.
Until the Amoeba was born.

The final name I choose

It took me then a year and a lot of effort to transform the first draw to the actual knife.
In that year I had to convert my little milling machine into a CNC machine because some of the features I had in mind couldn’t be made by hand and machine precision was required.
During the conversion I worked at the same time on the 3D drawings of my knife and choose the right materials to use.

The final render

The knife started from a prime and minimal shape but had to be the best of our technology could offer.
And inspired from the supercars from nowadays the knife took a speedy streamlined shape and exotic materials.
So I decided to use Grade 5 titanium, D2 stainless steel and desert ironwood for the first knife, and carbon fiber for the second one.

A see through of the knife

Then after quite a lot of 3d drawings, structural analisys, fixture studys I finally started milling the Amoeba on my CNC.

The Amoeba handle after a roughing toolpath

After some weeks the pieces where all ready to be finished and so with many many hours of hand work of fitting and polishing the knife was finally finished.
And here it is.

More photos here

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