Finally my CNC gets an update!

CNC, Other Projects / Monday, July 15th, 2019

Some years have passed since I finished the retrofit of my BF20L milling machine.It was about time to freshen it up a bit and fix those little things that I neglected for a long time, say for the rush of finishing my Amoeba Project, say for the big amount of time that those little things needed to get done.So finally I spent a couple of weekends trying to get some sense in all the cables laying around on the machine.I decided to change the location of the electronics box from the upper part (it was screwed to the wall) to the lower part of the machine under the coolant tank and fixed it on two steel square profiles bolted to the machine table.I reorganized the cables in groups and drilled new holes in the box to adact the wiring to the new position of the box.I also moved the spindle inverter to the left part of the machine removing it from the wall and attaching it directly to the machine structure so that the heatsink on the back of the inverter can finally “breathe” and cool off better.I changed the location of the emergency button that before was attached directly on the electronics box (where now it wouldn’t be easily accessible) so I found it’s own place on a little box to the upper right.Then I attached directly the air filter and air pressure gauge to the left part of the structure, so that it would be easily readable and accessible.Then I added a specific relay to the coolant pump because before it was attached directly to the mainboard of the machine draining its power and causing bugs in the software when the coolant was turned on.So now the machine is finally standalone, I can move it around quite easily (well it still weights 200kg :P) and it only need some compressed air if you want to air cool the tool or clean the presetting sensor, but since it doesn’t have a pneumatic tool change system (the tool change is manual) it can work on electric current only.Now I only need a right sized coolant tank and some new crystal clear polycarbonate protection around the machine.I hope you have enjoyed this article, if you have any question feel free to ask in the comments section or contact me by mail.

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