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Knives / Monday, May 25th, 2020

Well, for a long time I’ve had an half made knife hanging on a nail on the wall of my lab.
The basic shape was already there and the knife was even heat treated so one day I thought it was enough, and I simply decided to finally give “birth” to this forgotten knife.

I needed to get a good cleaning of the edges from burrs and scratches so I spent half a day with a Dremel and some rolls of sandpaper, until I’ve had removed every single defect I could find.

Then I gave a nice and flat bead blasted finish to the knife and etched my logo on it.
The edge needed a serious sharpening and I did that too.

Then the knife needed a proper handle and I opted for a good old paracord wrap that I love on my karambits due to their skeletonized shape.

So the only thing missing for this nice blade was a sheat! I found a couple of pieces of kydex around my workshop and I started shaping them…

With the sheat done the knife was finished and here you can see the final result:

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments below if you want to see more “work in progress” posts like this,
Have a great day!

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